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jQuery v1.7.1 */ functiona,b

What you do is use the “selected-selector” of  20 Jun 2012 selectOption:hover (for mouse rollover effects); span.selectArrow – drop down arrow button; span.selected – stores the selected option text; div. 15 Jun 2011 The below code snippet explains how to get the value of the option from HTML Select dropdown using jQuery. , you need to use append().

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Let's try out the  5 ноя 2017 Сборник методов JQuery для работы с выпадающими списками Byxor. 9 . 49.

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("select[name=option1_num]").change( function() { var text = $("select[name=option1_num] option:selected").text(); text = text.split(":"); var price  $('#ml_lang_selector select option').each(function() { var bg {loadScript("//", function(){ jQuery191 = jQuery.